Death of Edmund Hillary and birth of Tata's Nano

Well I was not writing because I was busy these days. Oh what a lame excuse for my laziness. Sorry but too late for me to change I guess. Two of the biggest news events hitting media these days were the launch of so called people's car by Tata motor of India dubbed "the cheapest car in the world" and death of Sir Edmund Hillary conqueror of Everest "Highest peak of the world". Two independent events surly they are but we in Nepal can't escape the ramifications.

Let me write about this Edmund guy first. Little bit of Encarta exploring reveals Edmund Percival Hillary born in 1919 at Auckland scaled Everest in May of 1953. He along with Tenzing Norgay had to do it with primitive of tools. Modern day pseudo climbers are literally carried to the top of Everest on Sherpa's back. They won't admit it coz it's bitter but it is the truth. Ask them about Ice doctors if you really want to find out. After finishing his exploration work in Antarctica he returned back to the mountains which had given him such name and fame it was in the early 1960s. From then on he began raising money to build a school for the children of Khumjung, the home village for many of the Sherpas who had accompanied him on the Everest ascent. He later established the Himalayan Trust, which, since its inception, has funded more than 30 schools in Nepal, as well as hospitals, medical clinics, and airstrips. He was granted honorary citizenship of Nepal during celebrations held in 2003 to mark the 50th anniversary of the ascent.

Well I regard this guy as a true Nepali who spent his life promoting Nepal and helping Nepali people. Unlike so many of expats these days who vomit poison about Nepal everywhere in internet and yet claim they are Nepali. Nepal Ama le Auta Sacha Choro Gumayin. My commiserations.

Now Tata's Nano the IC 1 lakh car. After much of hype finally it was revealed in Auto Expo in New Delhi. I think this car is going to be the next big thing. Given the publicity and its price means it is going to sell like a hot cake once it hits the showrooms that is from late 2008. Well more cars mean more traffic jam and more importantly more pollution. I think Tata should have named their car "Global warming". Nano they have called it but all these Nano combined would make them Mega. Problem of Mega scale. Sooner rather than later this is going to come to Nepal too. But add 175% of tax and you will get the price you would have to pay for it here.

Desperately trying to find a connection between these two events I come with this. Mountain peaks and the surrounding environment which Edmund so revered is on the decline already and the addition of the cheap car in the roads only means acceleration.


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