Worlds most annoying website and yet it's fun

Not much to say about this you have to actually follow the link to experience it for yourself and judge for yourself if this one is the worlds most annoying website.

Warning:Do this if you have a bit of time to spare and don't forget to give comment.

SLC result 2064-65 published in Nepal download!

link to download the entire result
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File format Rar compressed use Winrar or similar compressing/decompressing software to extract and view.
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File format Zip compressed just extract.
Folder content result of only regular students.
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Folder content result of only exempted students

The results for the School Leaving Certificate (SLC) examination this year has been published. Of the over 350,000 regular examinees, 1,95,689 have passed the examination – which is 63.73 percent. Reports say that around 9882 students have secured distinction by obtaining over 80 percent marks. On the exempted side, around 32 percent have passed the exam. The SLC examination this year had been held in March 2008. The board meeting of the Office of the Controller of Examinations, Sanothimi, held till late evening decided to publish the results.

apparently is saying it will publish the slc result with individual subject marks mark sheet.
Best of luck.

PIcture speaks for itself.

This would not have been possible without blessing from USA and India.Am i supposed to congratulate the newly wed?

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Rapidshare Cat and dog captcha cracked finally!!!

I have been so frustrated not being able to download from the rapidshare site for so long. Various tricks were working before the major update by rapidshare people. But after the update nothing worked.The damn cat and dog thing was so evil.It was a evil trick to ward off the free users. Make there experience so worst that they won't try there hand at it any more and buy the premium account.But no more guys there seems to be a way to get around the catchpa and the download limit thing as for now.There is a program called cryptloader.New update of this program does the magic

"CryptLoad is a free software that can download from RapidShare as a free user as if they were a premium user. There is no need to wait to continue downloading the next file and also there is no need to enter the confusing CAPTCHA codes as it is recognized and entered automatically."

quoting Raymond's blog.

Download CryptLoad form here

Gyanendra is out listen to his last speech.

I have recorded and uploaded the last speech of the last king of New republic Nepal.
Listen to him.Download is about 3.72 Mb.From Media fire.
He is heard trying to defend his actions.Also he says the allegations about his and his families involvement in the royal massacre are not true. However the speculation about whether or not he will hand over the Crown seen in the picture and the Royal Stick.(Raj Danda in Nepali) is over now.Couldn't not find anything better than that to describe the Raj Danda sorry for that.He is heard saying that theses objects with historic importance would be handed over to the government of Nepal today.The hall where this press conference took place had a capacity of 80 people however there were more than 200 jornos inside at the time of the speech.After the speech king did not answer the question of any jornos.

Maintenance in progress

update:Technical glitch encountered plz bear with me for a while.I am working to correct this.

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Tool to fix the Internet Explorer RunOnce2.aspx

People still use Internet Explorer heavily to surf the net.So i think this is useful.This runonce thing appears first time you try surfing internet using Internet explorer and also every time You change the setting of your internet explorer browser from tools>Internet Options >Advance Tab.The real reason behind Runonce page is to let you customize some settings like choosing default search provider,Enabling or disabling auto phishing filter and so on.

If one does not complete the runonce customization page it will load every time until you do that and regardless of what your IE homepage is set to.Which can be annoying at times.The tool i have created solves this problem.Just download unzip to a folder and double click NoRunOnceIE.exe

I just created this taking cues from
Download RunOnceRemover
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