Case of "UserImages.bmp" bitmap solved

A misterious file bagan appearing in my My Documents folder from few months ago.A bitmap named UserImages.bmp. I opened it sandboxed all it had was some picture of emotions May be this work of some spyware I thought and I did scanning with all the antispywares still I could get nothing.The reson which prompted me to do scanning was because I did delete it from there before but after some days it was there again.A bmp virus?!!.

No it wasn't it was just a bug in Nero 7 which did this funny thing it turned out.So to test this I deleted the file again. Fired up Nero 7 pop came the UserImages.bmp in my My Documents folder.Nothing to be scared of actually.

Some workaround in the registry and I was able to redirect this file to be created in the place where it won't bother me.What I did was created a new folder inside c:\Program Files\ Nero\Nero7 and named it temp. And then I opened regedit went to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ahead\Nero - Burning ROM\Settings\WorkingDir
and changed the registry entry for the entry above from to:
C:\Program Files\Nero\Nero 7\Temp
now the file is created there instead of My Documents Folder.

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Free Kaspersky Anti Virus key give away via a luckdraw

Few days ago while i was surfing the web as usual one of my favorite tech blog reported a Chinese give away of Kaspersky Antivirus key for a whole year free of cost which would normally cost around $39.I got one following the process described by raymond.
Problem is I don't install antivirus in my computer.

Kaspersky Antivirus is arguably the best antivirus in the world. It is said so because of its high rate of identifying the viruses not recognized by other popular antivirus. Well I have my share of experience with quite a lot of virus, worms and Trojans only being recognized by this antivirus while others fail. I uploaded them to't installed antivirus since avast uninstallation.

Since I don't need it I thought it would be a good idea to give it away by luckdraw. Plus a good promotion of my blog.

Just give your email address in the comment box.I will be announcing the winner after a week and email him the key.Hurry up.Don't miss this opportunity.Chinese offer is dead by the way.And this key is only valid for less than 2 weeks.

Nepali sites hacked cracked and pen-tested

Black hats and White hats that is how hackers are differentiated from crackers in the internet community. The good vs. the bad. Setting up a website in Nepal is catching on these days it seems. But web developers/administrators are not putting extra effort by researching about the security part. I don't really blame it to them though. Ask a science bachelor student in his third year in Nepal's TU and you will get an idea about Research in Nepal. The biggest joke about "research" for him/her is that the only way of passing it as a subject is to completely get the whole book in his/her mind word by word sentence by sentence paragraph by paragraph. Oh what an irony!!!. What a mockery of the word "Research".

They seem to be turning blind eyes over growing the trend of hostile website takeovers around the world. And not holding their diapers properly as put by Bipin from nepsecure. This has many implications. For example companies like Nepal Telecom may lose in millions of rupees in revenue if their insecure server systems are somehow taken over by the bad guys. Several penetration tests done by various internet security people have already indicated that this is within the realm of possibility.

Well I seriously think that all the so called government service providers be it Drinking water corperation or Electricity authority or Telecom for that matter are dacoits looting the poor Nepali people And The Grand Leader of This Clan is undoubtedly Nepal Telecom. (डाँकुको सरदार). I am itching to write few words in Nepali here.

नेपाल टेलिकमले क्यान इन्फोटेक २००८ मा आजकल दुई कुरा बाँड्दै छ।

१) नेपाल टेलिकम लेखिएको डटपेन

२) संबिधान सभाको निर्बाचनको मिति सरे जस्तै lunching date सरी रहने ADSL2+ internet को खोक्रो आश्‍वासन

३ दिन अघि सम्म फेब्रवरी मध्य सम्ममा त पक्का भन्दै गरेको टेलिकमले त्यसलाई बढाएर अप्रिल फूलको दिन पुर्‍याएको छ।

coming back to the point

Case studies Black Hats Vs. White ones in nepali context

1) (Nepal government's web site hacked (defaced))

see it here

2) Nepal post offices web site hacked (defaced)

see it here

What we have seen in recent months in the above mentioned site are the perfect example of work by Black hat hackers doing damage. Imagine what would happen to NTC if this happens to them. Well in the worst case scenario communication lines across all Nepal would come in Stand still. Or redirection of landline calls combined with the spoofing of caller id number can damage anybodies personal life. I don't think NTC engineers would even accept that serious holes in the system exist let alone fixing them. Oh and hiding your error message or the version or apache installation page is not equal to securing a server.

Now about some penetration testing done by some Afnai Bari ko(आफ्नै बारीको) White Hat Internet Security enthusiast com pen tester com Hacker.

Some dorks included

1) (Gov of Nepal Inland Revenue Department security breached)

2) (Nepal Telecoms web sms service password brute forced)

3) (Kathmandu School Of Law Website sql injected )

4) (One Of the most popular web entertainment portal of Nepal's xss vulnerability )

5) (Kantipur engineering college sql injection )

.The main diffenence between this guy and Iranian Hackers is that he is doing it for good. Informing the site admins about these issues.Read this guy here

Thanks to Bipin from nepsecure for making me aware.

I have a small suggestion for this guy though

plz change this "यो बल्ग मा नेपाली websites हरूमा रहेको सेक्युरितिका बारेमा लाखिने छन्। " to this "यो ब्लगमा नेपाली websites हरुमा रहेका सेक्युरीटि issues का बारेमा लेखिने छ।

It takes a little bit of getting used with this Unicode thing I must admit। Just trying to help . Don't take it otherwise.

some update: looks like another site too is
vulnerable to XSS thing

click Here to see for yourself this will fire up an alert box.

This will load back2mangalman inside thikthak website

And finally This will redirect you to this blog.

Well i did not find it by myself this was from some baabal forum

Microsoft bids for yahoo

well the title says it all. I was just watching cnn. And i saw the news breaking. It says Microsoft is offering 44.6 bn dollors for yahoo.
I am quoting cnn from here

In a statement, Yahoo acknowledged receipt of the offer and said its board would evaluate the proposal "carefully and promptly."
The deal would pay Yahoo shareholders $31 a share, which represents a 62% premium from where Yahoo stock closed on Thursday.
Microsoft's statement said the offer allows Yahoo shareholders to elect to receive cash or a fixed number of shares of Microsoft common stock, with the software giant's offer consisting of one-half cash and one-half Microsoft common stock.
Shares of Yahoo (YHOO, Fortune 500) shot up nearly 60% in pre-market trading on the news, while shares of Dow component Microsoft (MSFT, Fortune 500) tumbled 5%.
Both Microsoft and Yahoo have fallen far behind rival Google (GOOG, Fortune 500) in the lucrative field of Internet search. Yahoo's earnings and share of the online search market have badly trailed Google.
In a letter it sent to Yahoo's board of directors, Microsoft disclosed it had explored a Microsoft-Yahoo deal a year earlier, only to be rebuffed by Yahoo, which said at that time it was confident of the "potential upside" for Yahoo from operational changes it planned.
"A year has gone by, and the competitive situation has not improved," Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer wrote.

source CNN

if this thing works out internet world is going to shake up. Watch out google.

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