Another approach to get rid of sujin virus

1) Click tools option of the My computer menu and then click Folder option their look for view tab and click show hidden files and folders radio button, also uncheck the boxes which says" Hide extensions for known file type" and " Hide protected operating system files (recommended)" ignore that warning which says bla bla bla and press yes.

2) Open task manager kill the wscript.exe by hitting “end process” button.

3) make sure you have killed all wscript.exe as more than one instance of the program might be operational.

4) Click Start-> run->

5) Type system32 in the run box and hit enter.

6) Find “Virusremoval.vbs” and delete it holding both the shift and delete key simultaneously.

7) If you have pen drive or floppy inserted don't double click to open it. Instead double click the "My computer" icon when it opens press F4 button from your keyboard now find your pen drive or what ever you have to open and click it

8) Find and delete file named " autorun.inf " and " Virusremoval.vbs " if it exists there.

Now you are a clean. But to clean up the registry mess created by this sujin virus. You have to download this file here and double click . Which would put things back to normal. This tool is also useful to clean up the mess created by other viruses other than sujin as well.

I don't personally trust this tool but here goes the link to sujin virus removal tool from worldlink web site Scanner.exe from the same guy who created the virus

  1. HOTTY

    July 2, 2008 at 10:51 PM

    yaar m not able to remove this"windows\system32\virusremoval.vbs"pls help me out

  1. MangalMan

    July 7, 2008 at 2:22 PM

    search for antisujin in the blog download and run it your problem will be solved good luck

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