Fun with wikiscanner Nepal telecom edition

After scouring through inspiring and thought provoking chunk of info from betanews i felt ever compelled to do a Nepali version of the whole thing. I was not really expecting anything big but i think digging of my nose has yielded gold this time around.Ok here is the deal wikiscanner lets you input an organization name or domain and gives a list of what folks using their network have been up to on Wikipedia.Should i be elaborating about wikipedia? I guess not.

Apparently employees from Nepal Telecom have been involved in the editing of wiki entry of their rivals i mean “Spice Nepal” interesting i think.

Lets see i will make a list of edits they made and the date it was done.

On 17th of May 2007 Data under the Title Network information was altered to claim falsely that Spice Nepal has collapsed.

On 12th of June 2007 Web link to the Companies website was changed to

On the same day this piece of precious info was added to the entry

“Because of the reimbursement of the leased equpment, it is planning to close the network and will be handover to Nepal Telecom being a government Owned company.”

Oh same words right down to the spelling mistake.

On December 25th 2007

Network Status: Live from September 2005 was altered to Network Status: Dead from September 2005

Same day http://www.pidaluworld.comWorld and were the weblinks that were added (replaced with the home page link) to the entry.

On same day oh wow this is the most interesting of all the edits entire network status data was altered i think i need to give you a snapshot of this one this is funny at least it is to me. Click on the picture for expanded view.

Line 18: Line 18:

==Network Information==

==Network Information==
* Operator Name: Spice Nepal Private Ltd
* Operator Name: Mafia Don from Russia Company Unlimited
* Network Name: Mero Mobile
* Network Name: Mahato Mobile(Be aware of virus)
* Technology: GSM 900/1800
* Technology: TDM 100/420

* Network Status: Dead from September 2005

* Network Status: Dead from September 2005


Ok off we go to the faq section which i feel is a must here


1)No I am Not an employee of Spice Nepal

2)No I am Not the one at Nepal telecom who has done this

3) Yes People at Nepal Telecom are complete idiots to think that they can get away with this with out anyone ever finding out.

4) No I am not going to reveal my Mobile number.

5) My email address is

6) Yes Nepal telecom's mobile service sucks big time.

7) Adsl chai thikai cha tara paisa ghataunu parcha ha ha

8) I ate mushroom today and i am feeling very sleepy bye bye.

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