How about a 76 lettered Name for a son?


In an apprent bid to make his son unique from others a man in Nepal has decided to name his elder son with all his favorite words in Nepali language & some famous people in the world.

Permanent resident of Nuwakot district, Samundratar Village development committee ward no.2 35 years old Mr. Dharmendra Dangole is making rounds at VDC office now to complete the process of legalizing the long and strange name for his four years old son. He is sure that the name will be approved this time. He had tried to register the name for his son last year as well only to be rejected because the VDC secretary responsible for the job thought it was not appropriate for a name. Proposed name is


jaldabir Dangol"

Dangol being his surname. With his other son with proposed name "Jafatsinghjafatlalnatwarshingnatwarman Dangol" on the waiting list Nepali government would have to prepare a special Citizenship certificate form for two of them as the current format won't be able to handle such a long name. How ever he has named his Daughter "Pragya" which is considered a modest name in Nepali community.

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It sound more like a common man "MangalMan's" answer to Shakespeare's

question "What's in a name?" don't u think?

I don't think these kids would be very pleased with their father once they get old enough to understand. The names are way too impractical. What do you think?


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