Thamel for me

Thamel as we see it is the most vibrant place in whole Kathmandu. It’s the place where every tourist coming to the country leaves their foot mark and immediately begins searching for a way to get out, river rafting, mountain viewing, and bungee jumping being favorite of excuses.
In recent of times it is emerging as a place to hang out for Nepali youngsters.
Place to chill out after the grueling day. As the night fall this part of city comes alive with light and color. Hustle and bustle of city life halts for a while here for a sip of beer or a night out. Disco loving young bloods clad in there prettiest of wardrobes and with puff of cigarette in the mouth are seen flying frequently to the place. There is more to see in Thamel then this. Beneath this skin Thamel is a whole lot different place. Ever green Drug dealers, Massage centers where you get less massage and more other things, occasional snake wranglers, street children with dirtiest of faces this is real Thamel for you. Thamel has its own success story from a typical newar jayapu bari to a international hub surly it has been a transformation. Well how do I know? You might ask well I leave just a stone throw away from it. Being a student of Ascol it is really a pity that I have not developed skills necessary for it though (Stone throwing). For me Thamel is a little too close for comfort. It becomes more evident at the time of load shedding when big hotels fire up their generators and so does my head. Decibel meter’s going up I can assure you is not a very good of a music to your eardrums I can tell you that. Well I can’t do anything about it no one can. Taking evening walks down the Thamel lane has been a top of my agenda for so many years now. The charm of Thamel attract me like it does to so many other, but for me it’s a search for stories and expressions.
Thamel is about stories told and untold. Stories one sees through the eyes of street children, drug dealers all looking for a quick buck sniffing gum, getting high. I get a high too from Thamel but mine is more emotional than narcotic. Entering Thamel is like a switching on of switch for me the moment I step in I become possessed by some English spirit. At least that is what I think.
Well I admit I go there for pretty girls awkwardly dressed in revealing way, but not to look at them but to chase the expression people make when one pass by. The jeers and cheers that follow that’s what they wear it for don’t you think? The theory says "The more the show of cleavage the more the hung jaws and gasps one hears."
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