ADSL comes to Nepal finally

After a lot of delays the much talked about adsl service from Nepal Telecom has finally been started from today. The price of internet in Nepal can only go down from this point onwards. Very good news for everyone who have been paying unreasonably high price for the service till date.

You can get and fill up the form here.They will charge you Rs 500 as activation charge.
Lets do a quick price analysis.They have initially rolled out 2 data schemes.The first one at 128kbps and another one 256kbps.128kbps would be charged at Rs900 per month in prepaid basis the the other one at RS1500 this is excluding taxes.Now lets tax them to know the actual price a customer has to pay.

Rs900+900*10%=Rs990 (10% TSC)
Rs990+990*13%=Rs 1118(13% VAT)

This is my initial guess. I might be wrong here.Can anyone confirm?

Noticed something funny? Yes Nepal Telecom taxes the tax.First they tax you 10% TSC add it up and then again Tax the sum with 13% VAT.

You work out the second ones price.

Besides this price every adsl customer has to do a initial investment on buying adsl modem(ATU-R) the customer premises equipment and the splitter. I have no idea about these equipments local market price.Any idea?

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  1. deepa

    April 30, 2008 at 7:08 AM

    Wow good news. But I thing I have free internet connection (I can tell u how).

  1. purna

    November 7, 2008 at 6:19 AM

    What about Pokhara ? When will ADSL comes in Pokhara ?

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