How to change the Internet explorer's title bar text

I have been asked this question several times so a post had to be pushed for this. I must warn you people that editing registry has some risk involved so be sure about what you are doing before middling with the registry stuff.

Click start menu then run now type regedit and hit enter.
Navigate to this place

HKEY_CURRENT_USER -->Software -->Microsoft -->Internet Explorer -->Main

Look at right pane for "Window Title".Right click it and then click "modify"
This will present you with a box.You can enter what ever you want there and hit ok. This would change your Internet Explorers windows title to what ever you just typed in.

or alternatively you can press Ctrl+F once the registry Editor opens and type "Windows Title" without quote and then right click and modify it.

In case you are not able to open Registry Editor and you end up with the
message which says "Registry editing has been disabled by your administrator"
then either you have logged on from an account which does not have administrative privilege or your computer has some form of malware running.

Third possibliity would be that your computer might have had contracted a malware and cleaned but the changed brought by the malware persists.

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