Sujin & are same get rid of it here

Some goon changed a line or two of a virusremoval.vbs script the infamous suijn script and made this a new one It had been on the circulation from probably few months though i was not aware of it.

Following are the changed lines in the script by this goon.

'Program developed by
'Shyam Uprety

Shells.RegWrite "HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main\StartPage",""

Good news is my antisujin tool seeks and destroys this thing.No more resource hijacking.Get rid of this browser hijack. Password is back2mangalman

Your home page will be changed to my blog which is totally reversible from Internet Explorer's properties.Some people might complain i do this but i had to put something other than or in this case Would you be happy if i place or yahoo or msn there? But i think that these are empires why should i be promoting internet empires?

Instead i choose to promote my individual no value blog. Love me or hate me just trying to help.I don't earn big buck from my blog.

And i would like to thank kingshuk for the comment here. For it made me investigate the problem.

Update:Even is the same thing get it removed from here.

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