Internet explorer 7 the buggiest browser in the world.

No i am not a firefox fan boy but the Internet explorer really sucks.I have 
stopped to use it altogether.I have noticed that firefox does not do good 
memory wise in my old low memory computer.

So i have installed opera and safari too just to be sure.I think this safari thing is not stable enough at least not yet.But the page loads faster in safari then any other browser may be its just their punch line "Fastest browser in the world" that is making me think this way i don't know.

Today I came across 2 websites which talked about the bugs in Internet explorer.They have identified wooping 131 bugs in IE7.I am not a developer but by the looks of it this much of bugs would have driven me crazy if i were a serious one.

Just an example here :

 Code in question here  when saved as html and run from IE7 would make IE7 disappear for no reason.Is it magic?I think so.So Guys at microsoft really know some serious magic too.Ha ha ha.I am impressed really.

The site got this info here is and     

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