Free sms and internet in mero mobile

Minimum requirment:-A gprs enabled mobile with mero mobile sim card

This is not a post about how to enable internet in mero mobile.You go look here for that.This post is about sharing some knowledge about mero mobile internet.

Mero mobile is private mobile service provider in Nepal.It's network is considered good quality wise but a bit expensive then the government mobile service provider Nepal telecom.Ok lets get started now

Did you know that you can still be surfing the wap sites even if you have few paisa in your account as long as your account is not suspended? Is it something mero mobile people don't know or is it something they cannot control i don't know and i don't want to know as long as it serves me well.

It seems that anything less than 5kb opens.If it exceeds 5kb while you don't have money transfer of data stops with some messege.Mig33 messenger works well in these condition very well with some occassional connection error messages.Chat sessions continue smoothly.This messenger supports msn/yahoo/google and you can send email from it too.

This also means free sms to mero mobile.As you can send sms in the form of email in mero mobile network.How do you do it? Well you send email to which your friend or whoever you wish get as a sms.Just replace the # with the intended numbers.

Also get yourself a opera mini browser.Disable the pictures to minimize the data transfer many of the site can be opened from there.

Downloads can not go ahead with out the money though so i would suggest a 50 rupees recharge to down these stuffs first.
  1. deepa

    May 14, 2008 at 6:52 PM

    Well I have GPRS phone with MERO MOBILE sim + I have internet too. N believed it or not. जिस दिन मेने अपना gprs active कराया था मेरे more then 265 Rs. Finished only in 1 hour I download nothing n it’s a big shocked for me.

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